Phoenix P-12 Community College (Stage 3)

Project Start Date: April 2017

Project End Date: June 2018

Project Value: $9.6 Million

Melbcon commenced construction of Stage 3 at Phoenix P-12 Community College in Ballarat in April 2017. This project follows on from Melbcon completing the 2 prior stages at the college. Stage 3 works include the redevelopment of the existing school with works being completed to the home economics building, gymnasioum/ performing arts hall will be transformed this into a new performing arts/ music and PE centre.

Two additional new buildings will be added to the college which include a materials technology building, and a Yer 5-6 Village. In addition to this extensive external works and landscaping is also part of this project.

Architect: Y2 Architects

466 Malvern Road, Prahran VIC 3181

Contact: David Choate